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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Please Free Download

Download Please PC Game for PC free full version
Please is an amazing horror game in which your character experiences some horrifying adventure in a great loneliness. If you want to play another amazing horror game on 2017 then download Conarium Game which is another amazing horror video game.


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How to install this Game

Just watch this video complete you will get how to install Please PC Game on PC.

Description of Please Game

Do ghosts still exist? What thing comes into your mind if someone asks you about ghosts. You will definitely remind your experience with ghosts if you had met them once in your life. Please is an amazing horror game in which your character experiences some horrifying adventure with ghosts.

There are shadowy figures lurking in your peripheral vision and voices whispering to you. Don't listen to them, don't look at them and you might survive. If you are scared them you are failed so you have to avoid them to survive.

There are thousands of other horror games present in the market but they all not look real. Please is the game which is based on some true events happened to a man and which are common in haunted houses.

Features of this game includes imposing action game, horror game, horrifying adventure, experience your life with ghosts, understand the ghosts and meet them and many other features are included in this game.

Total Size of this game is 4.3 GB, CPU should be Intel 2.2 GHz to run this game on your PC. So if you are interested in horror game then just download this amazing game and enjoy it on your PC.


  1. I had played in this game before, but I totally dont like it. This game absolutely sucks if compare to Stairs this is an amazing horror with nice graphic and interesting plot that make you afraid till the end of the game!


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