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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Crazy Talk Animator Free Download

Download Crazy Talk Animator for PC free full version
Crazy Talk Animator is an application software which is used to add sounds to photos and gifs.


Crazy Talk Animator screenshot 2

Crazy Talk Animator screenshot 3

Crazy Talk Animator screenshot 4

How to install this Software

Just watch this video complete you will get how to install CrazyTalk Animator on PC.

Description of CrazyTalk Animator

CrazyTalk Animator is a software assistance application which is used to edit photos and add sounds to the photos and also can create gifs. This is a light weight software and from this software you can perform many funny things after adding sounds to your friends faces.

You only need a person photo as an input and add a voice from library or record it, after recording it seems that the person is really saying those words like a video clip but actually its just an editing. So it is used as 2D animation software.

You must be thinking that how it works, well you set points at the face in photo, you set points near eyes, lips and nose etc. Then the face and slips move according to words so that text to speed engine is in sync with lips movements in a perfect way.

Features of this software include create video from photo easily, make new actors saying the speech you like, drag and drop objects for scene creation, automatic facial animation, animated puppet control, timeline audio tracks, custom character support, visual dresses support and many other features are included in this software.

So if you want making some fun of your friends then this idea is just Owsum you should try it once. This software is 100% working so just download this software and enjoy it.


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