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Monday, 6 March 2017

Unlocker Free Download

Download Unlocker for PC free full version
Unlocker is an application software which is used to remove the files which are in use and can't be deleted, this software is simple and easy to use.


Unlocker screenshot 2

Unlocker screenshot 3

Unlocker screenshot 4

How to install this Software

Just watch this video complete you will get how to install Unlocker on PC.

Description of Unlocker

Unlocker is a software assistance application which is used to delete files which can't be deleted by simple method and give the option "file in use". Now this kinds of files can be easily deleted by using Unlocker.

This software is a best tool to delete any kind of file, this software is easy to use and do not require a lot hard disk space. Most of the people including me, become nervous when they get the option "can't be deleted file in use" when they delete a file.

Now there is no need to get nervous if you face this kind of problem, this problem can be solved by using Unlocker. You can also remove DNS Unlocker ads which are also very common now a days, after using this software I can easily remove these kinds of files.

Features of this software include closing the handle, killing the process, unload DLL, deleting index.dat, invalid names, delete virus carrying file, command line option and many more.

If you have reached this software then don't wait for anything just download this software and get rid off many kinds of file deleting issues.


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