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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Google Earth Free Download

Download Google Earth for PC free full version
Google Earth is a virtual globe and geographical information program created by Keyhole Inc.


Google Earth screenshot 2

Google Earth screenshot 3

Google Earth screenshot 4

How to install this Software

Just watch this video complete you will get how to install Google Earth Software on PC.

Description of Google Earth

Google Earth is a software assistance application which is used as to find places situated on Earth, almost all the regions are present in this map and you can easily find out any kind of place however it is present out of your range, google earth will navigate you.

This is a best tool used to search any kind of place on the earth, this software is free of cost you can also download it on your mobile but I am uploading it for PC. This software is mostly used by TV reporters to search a location.

Features of google earth are countless, on your personal sites of interest you can save your own placemarks and share them with the google earth community. You can also explore the superb layers provided with google earth. There are numerous layers of photos which also includes National Geographic phenomenal photography.

Features of this software includes free of cost, 3D terrain showing peaks, valleys and gorges around the world, video playback of driving directions, tilt, rotate and active 3D terrain and buildings for a different perspective on a location, easy generation and sharing of annotations among users and many other features are included.

I want to tell you one more thing which is that this is the only software for searching location on all over the Earth so don't wait for anything just download this software and enjoy your working.                                                                                                      


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