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Monday, 27 February 2017

Folder Lock Free Download

Download Folder Lock for PC free full version
Folder Lock is an application software which is used to lock any folder of PC to make your personal files hidden from others.


Folder Lock screenshot 2

Folder Lock screenshot 3

How to install this Software

Just watch this video complete you will get how to install Folder Lock on PC.

Description of Folder Lock

Folder Lock is a software assistance application which is used to apply passwords to the folders you want, passwords may be of a PIN, key or pattern. This is a best tool to make your personal files hidden from others.

You people may already know that for what purpose this software is used, so there is no need to tell you a lot about it. This software is very easy to use and install and this software occupies a very little space in your computer.

This software provides a very high alert security, you can add your email address to this software, your account must be authorized to run this software. You can also add a phone number for high security, but I think a single password is enough for its security.

I am also using this software to hide my personal data, and I have secured this data for many years. You can also recover your data if it may be lost, it is very advantageous for us, a folder of mine was developed by me, it was really important data. I became sad, then I found recover features in it and I easily recovered all of my lost data.


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