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Monday, 6 February 2017

Corel Painter X3 Free Download

Download Corel Painter X3 for PC free full version
Corel Painter is an application software which is used for professional painting programs, you can also download corel draw graphics suite x6 and corelCAD 2013 for painting purpose.


Corel Painter X3 screenshot 2

Corel Painter X3 screenshot 3

Corel Painter X3 screenshot 4

How to install this Software

Just watch this video complete you will get how to install Corel Painter X3 on PC.

Description of Corel Painter X3

Corel is famous for developing best graphics and after the success of corel draw graphics suite and corel CAD, the developers of Corel launched a painting software named Corel Painter. This software is a best tool to create different kinds of paintings and designs, it is also known as CAP (Computer Aided Painting).

You can download corel painter and start creating paintings with huge bundle of advanced painting tools, this software is enriched with latest embedded painting brushes. These brushes and texture are full of customization, the best point of corel painter is that every drawing created by this software looks like real world painting antique.

If you are a photographer then this software is best for you, you can store memories in camera which can be enhanced using corel painter x3. So this software is very advantageous for photographers, you all snaps can be converted into ultimate best photos, you can also add effects in camera photos using this software.

This software has many features like paint brush search engine, visual preview of brush, Pre build brushes, compatible with adobe photoshop, multi-touch pen support, motion gesture support, reference image, workflow of image cloning, blending and mixing paints preview, memory optimization of images and many more.

My friend is using this software, he is just a beginner, he is learning to create epic paintings with less time and effort. I saw his paintings and I liked them a lot, they really looked like real world painting antiques. So if you people are in search of a software which is used for painting purpose then I will recommend you this software as I liked it a lot.


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