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Friday, 27 January 2017

PuTTY Secure Shell Remote Free Download

Download PuTTY secure shell remote for PC free full version
PuTTY is a software assistance application which is used for telnet and as secure shell access client tool.


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How to install this Software

Just watch this video complete you will get how to install PuTTY Secure Shell Access on PC.

Description of PuTTY Secure Shell Remote Access

PuTTY Secure Shell Remote is a software assistance application which is used for telnet and as secure shell remote for the computer, this software is a best tool used to secure the computer.

PuTTY is one of the most popular product used by networking professionals, it is a secure shell (SSH) client software, it means you can remote access servers securely. The use of PuTTY is simple and easy and it is like Linux terminal, When you connect with remote server you have to enter boot or power user password, that user should be created on remote machine. Once you have logged in you issue Linux commands from PuTTY, It means Putty provides full linux access on windows.

Data communication security is very important these days, so encryption is must when you are doing SSH connections with remote server using PuTTY. This software is also widely used for telnet, you can telnet for secure remote access, when you connect with remote IP it is done through secure shell access. Because putty works using public private key security.

Features of this software are improved and all the features in this software are simple and easy to use, Its features include support telnet communications, SSH access, open source freeware, Xterm terminal emulator, Putty is actively updated there is no need to close the application first before updating the software, SSH 1 and 2 support, Public Security Key authentication, full screen console support, run remote sessions and many other features.

This application is easy to use, I am sure you will find it very because to use because I have already used this software and this is 100% working. So if you are looking for a secure shell remote access software then your search is over, just download this software and enjoy secure shell remote access and telnet.


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